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Gimahhot - Shopping

The following sets and parts ara available - preferrably trading for parts from my want list. Unless otherwise specified, the sets are complete. For used sets, that means they come with at least all parts needed to build the main model.

Number Name Condition Asking Price
or Trade Value
3504 German Soccer Team Bus New in sealed box US$ 20
6271 Imperial Flagship New in box US$ 85
6345 Aerial Acrobats New in box US$ 45
2532 Airplane Promo Set New in box US$ 40
6561 Hot Rod Club New in box US$ 35
4,5V Trains
7852 Pair of Points New in box US$ 15 per set
(2 sets available)
12V Trains
7835 Manual Level Crossing New in box sold
7838 Goods Loading Terminal New in box US$ 180
Black train doors New, pull from 5542 same amount
of train doors
in other colors
See also unsold items from my auction
876 Blue beams and holed plates, grey connectors New in box US$ 8
8082 Universal Building Set with 2 motors "Multi Control" New in box US$ 160
8280 Fire Engine / Fire Response Unit New in box US$ 55
8840 Rally Shock n' Roll Racer New in box US$ 30
8849 Tractor Used with instr., no box.
One of the blue
hubs is missing.
8852 Robot (converts to Truck) Used with instr., no box.
Picture 1 (Upright)
Picture 2 (Folded to Truck position)
Various parts from 5542 (Model Team Helicopter) New Best offer
Various parts from 5988 (Adventure in Egypt) New Best offer
Other Parts (see pictures) Used Best offer

If you are interested to buy or trade any of these, please drop me a short email.

This page has last been revised on Jan. 18, 2009.

Background image courtesy Todd Lehmann's personal LEGO site, formerly Fibblesnork.